Who we are

HUMAN is a storytelling and strategy agency that creates media for social impact. We work with an array of public and private-sector companies, nonprofit and intergovernmental organizations to design objective-driven stories that come to life through branding, video, and digital media. Whether we are helping brands redefine their corporate social responsibility platform or creating original documentary content for a nonprofit, HUMAN helps an array of organizations strengthen their commitment to elevating humanity.

What we believe

Δ is core to being human

The Greek letter Delta (δέλτα) is a symbol used to denote change. As humans, we are constantly evolving. When we change, we change the world around us. The opportunity to improve  the human condition through storytelling inspires us to create and innovate. Change is our ethos.

Our Storytelling Services

Brand Identity & Messaging

Brand Identity & Messaging

Impact Strategy & Campaign Design

Impact Strategy & Campaign Design

Media Production

Media Production

some of our clients

You can’t tell a global story until you have seen the world.

Our creatives have worked in almost 200 countries. We have creatives based on every continent accept Antartica. But don’t worry, they have experience filming there too. The point is, they are willing to go wherever needed to serve humanity through story.

Sectors we work in.


Music has power to gather more than most mediums. When supported with strategy and storytelling, major change is possible. Some of the world’s most influential musicians turn to HUMAN to leverage their music for impact.

Finance & Consulting

The trajectory of the world is shaped by finance. Financial and private client advisory firms know that doing good in the world makes for good business. HUMAN advises them on their strategy, positioning and storytelling to humanize their products to make the world more prosperous and equitable.


Many of the world’s most widely recognized and respected nonprofits (NGOs) and foundations work with HUMAN to tell their story to achieve awareness, fundraising and advocacy objectives. HUMAN also works with government and intergovernmental agencies like USAID, the UN, UNICEF to tell the story of their work and increase the efficacy and visibility of their programs.

Sustainable Luxury

The most sophisticated jet-setters know the ultimate luxury lies in knowing the impact of their tourism is socially and environmentally sustainable. HUMAN works with sustainable luxury resorts to attract the right customers.


The Medical Industry is making enormous leaps in innovation that make the patient and family experience more human. The world’s finest medical institutions work with HUMAN to communicate complex ideas simply.


We believe in driving innovation and technology that improve the human condition. The most innovative and successful startups and tech companies have stories to tell. HUMAN tells those stories to push the technology forward.